Glitterette Girl Crush: Zooey Deschanel


Question: How adorable is Zooey Deschanel?

Zooey-Deschanel-10Answer: Pretty freakin’ adorable!

I’m completely smitten with her cool girl gamine style, the way she manages the whole sexy-without-taking-off-half-your-clothes thing and her classic (and never overdone) approach to beauty. Her big blue eyes are such an arresting feature and she always plays them up beautifully. So here are a few of my own ideas for recreating a Zooey-like look:

bb-multitasker3This Bobbi Brown Basics Eye Palette offers the perfect eye-enhancing brown hues–these shades would really make Zooey’s baby blues pop. Start by brushing a pale shade over the entire lid, then create depth by smudging a darker shade into the crease. Blend well. For a little more drama, line the upper and lower lash line with the darkest shade on the far right. Again, blend the heck out of it.

dior-waterproof-eyelinerMy Detroit friend D turned me on to this awesome eyeliner. It’s a perfectly flattering deep brown shade that blends easily and really stays put–no smearing. Zooey seems to do a lot of 60s-esque liner on her upper lid, which usually involves a liquid formula. But pencil offers an easier–and sometimes more wearable–option. Sharpen to a find point and line the upper lid from inner to outer corner, extending the line just beyond the eye. Use the smudge tip to lightly blend. If you want to line the entire eye, apply along the bottom super close to the lash line–almost as if you’re just filling in the space between the lashes. Smudge lightly so this line isn’t obvious.

1213334802-64655_fullI’ve never actually tried this mascara, but have heard so many great reviews that I’m excited to do so. It’s supposed to give lashes plenty of eye-opening volume and crazy length. To copy Zooey’s look, focus on upper lashes with just a swipe across the lower ones.

41B490iZoCL__SL500_Sometimes she opts for retro-glam red shades, but we’re going for the demure look in the pic above. This sheer pink stain adds just a hint of color to lips (or cheeks if you want a little flush). Top with gloss for a subtle sheen and voila!