Glitter is the New Black (polish)


So after a long hiatus, Glitterette is baaaack! Better yet, we’re sporting a snazzy new url (thanks JenSpec)! But now on to the beauty. At dinner the other night, a friend was sporting gold-flecked polish over bare nails and it looked amazing. Not that glittery nail polish is anything new–I remember ogling the Wet & Wild multicolored polish back in junior high. But, unlike scrunchies, stirrups and so many other ’80s revival trends, this is one I can get behind. Check out these lovelies:

This shade is called Boom Boom Pow and it reminds me of a glamor queen from the ’60s. Wouldn’t it look fantastic paired with neutral clothes, like camel or ivory?

butter LONDON polish in Rosie Lee. It may be sparkly pink, but more of a grown-up, sophisticated variety. Again, there’s a bit of a ’60s vibe to the shade. I could see Ann-Margret wearing matching hot pants.